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Open a Savings Account

Are you ready to open your Princeton Federal Credit Union account? This is what makes you a member of the Credit Union.


Step 1: Let's make sure you are eligible to become a member. You are eligible if you answer yes to any of the questions listed below.

  • Are you employed at Princeton University?
  • Are you a student at Princeton University?
  • Is your employer or school one of our Select Employer/School Groups?
  • Are you a member of New Jersey Consumer Council?
  • Are you an immediate family member of someone who qualifies for membership?
  • Are you an immediate family member of a current Princeton Federal Credit Union member?
  • Do you reside in the same household of a current Princeton Federal Credit Union member?

Step 2: Print and complete the Membership & Services Application Card and Anticipated Account Activity worksheet..

Bring the completed application card along with two (2) forms of identification (ID)* and your first deposit (minimum balance requirement $5) to a branch location. You may also mail the application card along with copies of your ID to:

Princeton Federal Credit Union
774 Alexander Road
Princeton, NJ 08540
Attn: Member Services

Or you may complete the Online Membership Application. This method allows you to fund the account from a credit card or directly from an account at another financial institution. You will be required to provide copies of the ID's used in the application process. Upon completion, please send copies of the ID's used to the address listed above.


Step 3: Congratulations! Once your account is open, you will be a Princeton Federal Credit Union member for life, even if you change jobs, retire or move out of the area.


*Identification Requirements: You will be required to provide us with two (2) valid forms of Identification (ID). At least one (1) form of ID must come from the Primary ID list below.

Primary ID may be a valid: Drivers License, Passport, Government Issued Document or ID Card or Military ID.

Secondary ID may be: Employee ID Card, Social Security Card, Bank Statement, Consumer Credit Report, Financial Statement or Reference from other financial institution. Please note this requirement is in accordance with the USA Patriot Act and applies to each person being listed on an account.

Check out our Savings Rates. Read more about Why should I become a Member. If you have any questions Contact Us.

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